Ramona Böhme (Zittau, Germany 1982), is a self-taught artist who started over creating at the end of 2014 inspired through her friend - Hraefn Wulfson an artist by himself - who encouraged her to explore and develope her skills, and to be brave to step outside her comfort zone.

Since she started she is painting and sculpturing traditionally and digitally. By doing so she experiments with different kinds of materials like; oil paint, clay, wood, leaf gold and sorts of software for digital painting, and scultpuring.

Tools: PC, 27'' monitor, Wacom Citiq Pro 16'' Touch

Software: Adobe Photoshop CC 2018, ZBrush 2018, Maya 2018

  • "Schoolism" Workshop by various cg artists, like Cody Gramstad, Crash McCreery (2018)
  • "Dynamic Sketching I" CGMA Workshop by Dzu Nguyen/Peter Han (2018)
  • "Intro To Maya" CGMA Workshop by David Mooy (2018)