Art in the Stream

I'm already streaming for over a year, to be exact since April 2020, fairly regularly on the online streaming platform Since about last September even according a fixed schedule that only change once at the beginning of the year. At the beginning of 2018 I briefly streamed then too, but I gave up on it because of all the things I wanted to do and that had to be done.

During my art-streams I'm working on paintings, drawings, models, or draw things that I like. I also like to answer questions, or love to learn that people draw along with me while they are watching me, or just when they enjoy watching my working process. You can find my schedule below.

Streaming Schedule


Regular Art Streams

  • Tuesday and Saturday between 3.00 pm - 8.00 pm GMT+2
    (I won't stream the whole 5 hours but somewhere in between, depending on if my kitties are sleeping)


  • Spontaneous is spontaneous. If you have turned on the notifications you will know, if not, than not.


Steam: Caymren

Guild Wars 2

Caymren Desslwao, Human, Necromancer, Jeweler & Artificer