General Conditions

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Detail Levels

Level I

  • The cheapest
  • Uncomplicated
  • Faster done
  • Low detail density
  • Very few details in the background
  • Only a few planing options

Level II

  • Best price-performance balance
  • Balanced amount of details
  • Nice relationship between foreground and background
  • More details are still possible
  • Not all planning options are possible

Level III

  • Highest detail density
  • Accurate production
  • More revisions and sketches
  • Takes the longest from start to finish
  • Possible extensive planing
  • Pricy


Oil Paint

Oil paint is my favorite and main medium. Back then when I started painting I painted in oils and they are still fun to paint with, to blend, and to create transisions. I prefer to use oils for the following kinds of paintings:

  • Landscapes
  • Portraits
  • Still-lifes
  • Illustrations
  • Colouring of sculptures


Pens, that paint with ink, inks that come in little bottles. My favorite colour are black, sepia, and grey, besides my big collection of antique ink. I also love to give ink illustrations a final workaround with watercolours. Following subjects and others are those I love to do in ink:

  • Illustrations in general
  • Tattoo-designs
  • Map drawings
  • Antique drawings/illustrations


I discovered watercolours some years later after I painted with oil paint and think they are amazing to work with because they are so flexible, decorative, and ready so quickly. Like in the case of ink I like the netral brown tones the most, but depending on the motive I am ready for any colourful sparkle. Besides the regular colours I love using effect or metallic shiny paint that I try to use in any painting I do with watercolour. This kind of paint I love to use for creating following kind of artworks:

  • Landscapes
  • Illustrations
  • Tattoo-designs

Graphite And Charcoal

Graphite and charcoal are wonderful media to create transitions, and they have a amazing traditional look. I particularly enjoy drawing on tinted paper, brown or gray. I brighten up illuminated areas of a picture with white charcoal and a white gel pen. Charcoal and graphite are wonderfully suitable for drawing the following drawings:

  • Portraits
  • Still-lifes
  • Landscapes
  • Illustrations
  • Tattoo-designs

Art Metall

Gold leaf (or more artificial or striking metal) and metallic pigment paint are so magical. I like to see something glitter or shimmer in almost every one of my pictures. Both materials are used in:

  • Illustrations
  • Fantasy motives
  • Ink drawings
  • Landscapes


I only discovered modeling with PolymerClay later. I find three-dimensional work a welcome change from painting and drawing and would like to be able to take more time for it. Areas of application, such as when painting, are not directly available here:

  • Pet portraits
  • Surreal scultures
  • Abstract sculptures

Pricing Examples

All prices below are based on detail level I and meant to price commission work only.

Landscape Paintings

Size Oil on canvas
Oel auf Leinwand
Watercolor on paper
Graphite on paper
Ink on paper
100x70 cm 600 Euro 460 Euro --- --- ---
80x60 cm 450 Euro 350 Euro --- --- ---
70x50 cm 355 Euro 275 Euro --- --- ---
60x40 cm 285 Euro 220 Euro --- --- ---
50x40 cm 240 Euro 185 Euro --- --- ---
40x30 cm 185 Euro 145 Euro 170 Euro (A3) 90 Euro (A3) 150 Euro (A3)
30x20 cm 95 Euro 75 Euro 85 Euro (A4) 45 Euro (A4) 75 Euro (A4)

Portrait Painting

Size Oil on canvas
(color), 1Pers.
Oil on canvas
(monochrome), 1Pers.
Oil on canvas
(farbig), 3Pers.
Graphite on paper
(monochrome), 1Pers.
Graphite on paper
(monochrome), 3Pers.
100x70 cm 640 Euro 510 Euro --- --- ---
80x60 cm 490 Euro 380 Euro --- --- ---
70x50 cm 385 Euro 305 Euro --- --- ---
60x40 cm 310 Euro 245 Euro --- --- ---
50x40 cm 255 Euro 205 Euro --- --- ---
40x30 cm 200 Euro 155 Euro --- 90 Euro (A3) 150 Euro (A3)
30x20 cm 100 Euro 80 Euro --- 45 Euro (A4) 75 Euro (A4)

Payment Processing

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