❧ Leben In Der Kueche

βˆ½β‰Ίβ‹˜ ART-STUDIO β‹™β‰»βˆΌ


❧ Surrealistisches Portrait

βˆ½β‰Ίβ‹˜ COMMISSION β‹™β‰»βˆΌ

It was a great pleasure to work on this surrealistic portrait since I like the dark arts, skulls, and symbolism. πŸ™‚

For this video I recorded the whole process from sketching the three initial sketches, where one was choosen from, up to the end to the last brush strokes. Plot twist in the video: Although I showed the sketching process of a certain sketch, the sketch that got choosen for the painting later, was another one.

I really enjoyed the process of creating images from just some vague ideas, colouring them, and going through the whole painting process in oil paints. I hope there will be another chance to create something dark and sombre like this portrait.

❧ Grosses Familienportrait

βˆ½β‰Ίβ‹˜ COMMISSION β‹™β‰»βˆΌ


❧ Platten-Cover

βˆ½β‰Ίβ‹˜ COMMISSION β‹™β‰»βˆΌ

Some time ago I posted a picture of this commission.. I think..

Yesterday I got a big envelope with a known address and I was wondering what might be inside. Felt so honored when I held the CD of the band Niederwelt in my hands that cover and CD label I had the pleasure to create.

Going to add their links here soon.......