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Fine Artist & Illustrator

༺ Ramona Boehme ༻

Artist & Commission Painter
in the fields of

Illustrations, Mystic and Fantasy Drawings, Landscape Paintings, Portraitures, Still-life Paintings, and much more

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My Studio in Hirschfelde b Zittau

༺ Opening Hours ༻

Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu 4.30-6.00 pm
Sat 10-12 am and 4.30-6.00 pm
Fri and Sun closed

Don't hesitant to contact me if you need a special appointment!

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༺ Art Streams ༻

Regular Art Streams
Tue/Sat 7.00-8.30 pm (GMT+2)

Mon/Tue 8.00-11.00 pm (GMT+2)
Or at other times too

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Corvine Bohemian

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༺ Illustrations ༻

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New perspective of the world

You want something special and something unique? As a fine artist I can offer you a new view on the world around you. My studio lays in Hirschfelde, a quiet place with much nature around. I invite you to talk about your ideas and how I can realize them for you. No matter if it is a landscape painting or a tattoo design - I can be of help to you in so many ways.

Creativity set free

You want a portrait of a loved one? No matter if you have a realistic painting or something a bit more special in mind, in my studio we can realize your wishes and ideas together. As a painter landscape paintings and still-lifes also also parts my services. Please have a look at my work on my website. Besides all mentioned I also would like to help you designing your next unique tattoo. I'm looking forward to hear from you!



Endlich ist er dran, unser Balkon.


Nach mittlerweile über einem halben Jahr streamen auf...


Seit Anfang Mai wird bei uns im und am Gebäude gebaut.


Es war mir ein Vergnügen an diesem surrealistischem Portrait zu arbeiten.


Platten- und CD-Cover für die Heavy Metal Band Niederwelt.


IAMAG Master Class 2020, Paris, Frankreich.